About Me

I suppose if I try to sum it up in a few sentences, I am a technologist at heart who has out of necessity had to become an entrepreneur and business man. 

Since 1998 I have been working with small businesses in their early startup stage.  I worked at an incubator.  I helped several companies prototype their ideas that lead to their company  getting seed funding.   I co-founded a company with 3 very talented friends and with each new experience I got a better understanding for what it takes to take an idea and help it grow into a thriving company.    Down below I highlight Vodaplex, Inc and LeadOutcome. Two examples of this. I think most importantly I have learned what not to do what not to focus on. Understanding what is important and what is not. Recognizing when to take action and when not.

So if you have a business plan or a project that you just know will be a success and you just don't know how to get it realized, I can likely help you with that.  If you are looking for someone who not only has the experience to technically solve your problem, but also has the people and business skills to help you bring it to market, I think you will find my background interesting.​  Read on. 🙂

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Below are some recommendations from colleagues and customers I have worked with in the past. 

Will did a tremendous job as CTO and co-founder of iTendant. He led the creation of a true multi-tenant SaaS and mobile platform that was rock-solid. What's more impressive, is that he did this in 2000, before the terms SaaS and mobile were even widely used. We called it Web and Wireless. I know that he continues to successfully innovate in his current ventures.

Steve Hassett 
COO at GT Software

Will's lead generation system is amazing. I was skeptical at first as with all new marketing campaigns, but Will's lead generation technology is highly efficient and extremely effective. I work in a business where consistent marketing is key and in using this system I finally have leads reaching out to me!!!

Denise Spinelli 
CRE Loan Consultant

My Product - Testimonials

How about the quality of my work?  Be sure to checkout some of the testimonials from customers who have used or still use my products.

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Numbers Matter

Building solutions to difficult problems become interesting if they lead to profitable results.  Listed below are two companies I founded without any funding that lead to profitable results.  Imagine with funding what I could do for you!

at LeadOutcome



6 Years

In Business







at Vodaplex



5 Years

In Business







A Fun Solution to a Difficult Problem

Not all problems are technical.  In 2009-2011, Vodaplex, Inc.  had an incredible 2 years of growth.  During that time our Profits were significant which meant a large portion of those funds would go to Uncle Sam. 

Our solution.  Take advantage of the IRS - Section 179

 We purchased an Cirrus - SR22 Airplane.  This allowed us to defer our tax liabilities by investing in an asset that would allow us to more effectively evangelize our company and its products and services.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and need some advise, be glad to share my experience.  I have also learned of new ways to do something similar.  My contact info is below.

Through this experience I was able to obtain a VFR and IFR Pilot ratings and logged close to 500 Hours of air time.

Next Step

If you have made it this far.  Thanks again for taking the time to get to know me better.  

Next, I would recommend reviewing some of the AI work I have been working on lately or Lead Generation work that I do with LeadOutcome and DFY Lead Factory.


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