AI can save you $40 per week. See it in Action

Robomow 622

Artificial Intelligence is such a nebulous thing.  Outside of the promise of autonomous self driving cars, it is sometimes hard to see how this will benefit the common man.  In this case me and you.

The following is a real life on-going case study of how the use of AI is putting $40 / week back into my pocket.  Or maybe should say preventing it from leaving my pocket.  Check it out.

See if you can relate to this.  My work week is usually very full.  It is rare that I work a normal 8 hours and when the weekend comes, I am so busy with either family or work activities, I find it hard to find the time to cut my lawn.  

I solved this problem by hiring a handy man.  My next door neighbor to cut my lawn every week.  That costs about $40 / week plus usually a $100 tuneup on the lawn mower every season.  Here in Atlanta the cutting season usually runs from about May through December.

Roughly about 8 months out of the year.   Assuming we have 4 weeks in a month our expenses for the year comes out to (8 * 4 * $40 )+ $100 = $1,380 not including gasoline.

That expense is not insignificant when you think about it year after year.  After 10 years that is $13,800.  My neighbor has been cutting my lawn for at least 5 years.

For Christmas I got my wife a Samsung Powerbot Robo Vacum Cleaner.   It was amazing how well it worked.  I thought I bet someone has done it for Lawns as well.  Sure enough there are many manufacturers.

I researched many robotic autonomous lawn mowers and finally settled in on the Robomow RS612.  For my situation with a steep incline from the front yard to the backyard, it was a great solution.

I have completed my first year with the lawn mower and I am happy to report I was amazed at not only how well it worked, but the cut of the lawn is actually better than if we did it ourselves.

In conclusion, now every year I am able to save $40 / week, $160 / month for 8 months out of the year totaling $1,380.   I got a great deal on my lawn mower and was able to pick up the lawn mower for almost that exact price.  

So this is the first year where I will be seeing a positive return on my investment. 

I have enjoyed this toy so much I built a garage for it and applied a little more AI to it.  Check it out.  Constructing a Garage for a Robomow RS622.  I clearly have to much time on my hands.


Watch AI in action.  Click HERE to learn more