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Computer Vision – What is it ?

Computer vision is the science and technology of enabling computers to see and understand what they are viewing. This translates into computers gaining a high level of understanding of the content in images or videos. Its goal is to have the same capabilities as human sight and automate it and is a critical technology to […]

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Deep Learning Haar Cascade Explained

Alright!  This is where we start having some fun!  The concept behind the Haar Cascade and how it is used in the real world is nothing short of amazing.  So what is it?Haar cascadeHaar Cascade is a machine learning object detection algorithm used to identify objects in an image or video and based on the concept of ​​ […]

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What is Deep Learning ?

Deep Learning, also known as hierarchical learning, is part of the Machine Learning field which is part of the broader field of Artificial Intelligence.  Deep Learning modelsuse a cascade of multiple layers for extracting features.  Each layer is used as input for the next layer.learning is either supervised ( e.g. classification), semi-supervised, or unsupervised ( […]

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