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The Robomow rs612 Training Runs

run1-with-gen-images – Positive Images Generated run4-with-captured-images – Positive Images Captured Each run will generate a haar cascade model.  Which one performed the best?  See below.  Here are 2 runs high lightedrun1-with-gen-imagesIn this run I took about 15 images I extracted from a video, removed their background image, and used opencv_createsample tool to super impose the 15 images […]

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Training the Robomow rs612 Haar Cascade Object Detector

I created a separate repo that stores all the videos, positive, negative images, scripts to help create positive and negative images, scripts to train the model and build the xml files.  Lets take a look at it. directory structure breaks down as followsvideos – contains the videos used to train the different haar cascade modelstrain […]

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