Constructing a Garage for Robomow RS612

I recently bought a autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower called the Robomow RS612.  I was very skeptical about a robot being able to cut the lawn of a home that sits on a 1/2 acre lot with some serious inclines, but after one full season, I am happy to report it did a tremendous job! 

I love this robot so much, I decided to create a mini garage for it to protect it from the exposure to the changing weather and also for security reasons.

Below I have included some images of how the house was constructed.  I built it primarily from the scrapes in my workshop.  Left over material from when our house was built.

I also built a cool machine learning garage door opener that you might enjoy checking out.

The following is a bit of a time line for the construction of the Robomow Garage.

My first day with the Robomow.  I compare the Robomow 612 vs Worx Robo Lawnmower.  Huge Difference!

Lets add a cement siding and roof shingles.  Had this left over from when we had the house built.  

Notice the roof is on hinges.  I did this to make it easy to get into and perform maintenance on the Robomow.

Now for the final touches.  I used paint color scheme for the house and door color UGA Bulldog Red!  Go Dawgs!

Have you noticed the Security Dom above the garage door ?

That is how the new garage door opener works.  It detects the robomow through a machine learning algorithm and opens and closes the door.

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Watch AI in action.  Click HERE to learn more