Jaw Dropping Email Statistics for Cold Leads – DFY Lead Factory

In the picture above I am showing you what my inbox looks like.  I have filtered out my normal emails and I am just showing you emails that were sent to me from my high quality leads that were generated by the DFY Lead Factory.  Things to notice:

  • I did not know these people until their email was delivered to my inbox.
  • All of these people are high quality leads.  How do I know this?  They come directly from my Lead Seed Packet.
  • The email subject only varies by the 12 Emails that run the DFY Lead Factory Campaigns
  • Notice how Gmail marks all of the conversations as important.  Remember I have never met these people until this email came through.
  • Now for the Jaw Dropping Email Statistics.  Note this is not on my account, but instead from one of our customers. Check out the Open Rates and the Click through rates. 
  • 72% Open Rate on Cold Leads - People I have never met before.
  • 16% Click Through Rate on Cold Leads - People I have never met before.

How many high quality leads did you speak with this week ?

Would you like us to do it for you ?

Click below and watch author, Will Berger, as he gives you a demo of this in action.  In it he not only shows you this, but also shows you examples of how he took these high quality leads and converted them to paying customers.  Now lets do this for you business as well!


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