My Top 5 Ultimate Sales Productivity Tools – All Free

Increase your daily sales results with these tools

I have been using these tools for a while now and they make my productivity in my daily sales activities just so much more efficient.  Check them out.  I think you will love them.  

The best part they are all FREE!

#1 - GMail

I love Gmail Email Web Client.  Reason include

  • It is fast!
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • My emails are backed up
  • Your INBOX becomes your Life's Knowledge Base
  • Don't delete your emails, over the years your inbox becomes an incredible knowledge base.   Even cooler is you have the worlds #1 company at finding content indexing your inbox.  (Of course your company needs to allow this).  Over 10 years I have over 350,000 emails.  What golden needles are there in this haystack?  I don't know, but I am sure with Gmail search it is a few clicks away.

Click HERE to give Gmail a try.

#2 - GMail - Labels

Use Gmail Labels them to organize your messages.  I use them to flag emails I think are important to share with my customers and prospects how our lead generation system leads go from cold lead to a paying customer.

#3 - Using the Stars in Gmail

Use "Stars" to highlight emails within that you have Labeled.  You can quickly have hundreds of emails you have labeled.  It is hard to identify that one email you want to highlight in a demo.  I use it to highlight real customers that replied and told me "Will, we love this lead generation system"  or something like that.  It is authentic not made up and has real value you can bring to your prospects when sharing this information. 

#4 - Boomerang Extension for Gmail

Ok nothing earth shattering revealed so far.  Yes I know you probably knew about all that, but this extension is so cool!

What it does is allow you to easily schedule emails from directly with in your gmail account as you type your email.  

Why is this important ?

Sometimes as a sales person you are writing important emails to many prospects like after a conference and you don't want to be delivering your prospects an important email at 2:30 am (you do realize that is time right now that I am writing this article)​.  Then you get the "Dude...why were you working at 2:30 am."  It would be best if that email hits their inbox at 7:30 AM.  Right when your prospect wakes up.  Has had a good nights sleep and has just had their cup of coffee.  

Absolutely love this GMail Extension!  Click HERE to give it a try.

#5 - Auto Text Expander Extension for Chrome

Ok is this article finally warming up?  Getting your attention I hope.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  This next one is even cooler than boomerang.  I actually use the 2 in conjunction with each other.

The Chrome "Auto Extension Expander" is so nice.  Here is what it does.  It allows you to associate keyboard key strokes with a block of text.

For example, if I am responding by email to someone that has agreed to meet with me.  I simple type "gm" space and the Auto Text Expander kicks in and inserts all the information for how to connect to a gotomeeting session.  

Pretty darn powerful isn't it?

Now watch this.  I have created a simple name standard for my most common responses to prospects.

I use "lt" to represent this is lead template and my next character represents the template response i want to use.

Below lta is a template that gives people different ways to schedule a time for us to meet.

  • Next time you respond to a lead. Think is this a common response I send to a prospect or customer.  If yes before sending, copy the text and create a auto-text-expander shortcut.  

​You can learn more about auto-text-expander for Chrome HERE.

When you combine this with boomerang you can have an incredible professional response to many leads in minutes.  Best part it has not cost you a dime!


I hope you have found these tips useful.  I have many more.  Feel free to sign up for my weekly sales tips below and I will share the rest with you.  They get better!  Don't worry...this is not a license for me to spam you.  Only high quality useful sales tips allowed :).

Please feel free to let me know below if you found this information helpful.  Also if you have a great tool, strategy, or technique that has helped you out in your daily activities, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for spending the time with me and good luck with your daily lead activities.



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