RE: How Ford Will Eat Tesla’s Lunch in the Next Two Years

So this post is here to respond to the person who wrote this article.

There is of course no option for anyone to respond because the intent of this article is disinformation.    That is why I am writing this article.

Lets illuminate the misleading statements.

The idea that Tesla needs to build a truck because their other product lines do not make a profit.  Are you kidding me?

Model S - Starts at 85k
Model X - Starts at 95k

As far as profitability goes.  You can't be in heavy growth and delivering high profits.  That make no sense.  Tesla is building out the Gigafactory 3 in China among many other initiatives.  That is where the would be profits are going.

Why?  Lets use BMW as the example.  BMW did  approximately ~350K sales in US in 2018 and about ~600k sales in China.  What if Tesla did the same numbers?  I would hate to be Dave Lutz, the guy who just flat out lies about Tesla to try to improve his short positions, or any other short.

Look, if Ford is going to build a great electrical Truck.  I am all for it and even though  I am a Tesla fan, I can promise you I will be just as big a Ford Fan, but let's quit bashing American companies.  There are plenty of other competitors outside of the United States who deserve those honors.  Just think when have we last had an American car manufacturer outside of Ford who really impressed the car Industry?

I am a Tesla Model 3 owner, a small Tesla Investor..(really small), but more importantly I am an American and I am here to say we can still design, build, and manufacture incredible things in the United States blows the minds of the rest of the world!  Just like we did 50 years ago when we went to the moon.

Unlike the previous author, please feel free to comment below.

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