How to fix Telsa Model 3 B Pillar Noise Near Seat Belt Adjuster

I have been working on trying to make my Tesla Model 3 a little quieter.  I have a big sound deadening project going on.  You can see some of my other posts in the Tesla category.

Recently I noticed when traveling on certain road the B-pillar would rattle.  I couldn't identify the noise at first, but when i put my hand on the B pillar where the seat belt joins I noticed the rattle went a way.

Today I took the B pillar covering off and the problem revealed itself.  See below.

Now wiggle it a bit and you will reproduce the noise we hear when driving over a rough road.  The solution to this is a simple rubber washer.  Cost is about $1 a piece.  See below.

Simply go to home depot buy a rubber washer.  Stretch it over the bolt so it is between the plastic seat belt holder.  Repeat with another washer behind the plastic seat belt holder.  You will need to cut a slit with this one.

That is it!  No more rattle noise coming from your B pillar.

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