Tesla Model 3 Car Audio System Upgrade

In October of last year I got my Tesla Model 3 that I had been waiting for since 2016 and it has been my favorite toy I have ever purchased besides the Cirrus SR22.

When I was a teenager I upgraded my car stereo quite a few times and loved learning about audio systems and what all you can do with them.  Needless to say I built a pretty nice stereo system for my car.   My taste for quality stereo system was established.

Fast forward a few years and Elon Musk has given us this wonderful new toy in pursuit of sustainable energy.  Thank you Elon!

This blog article is going to chronicle my efforts at improving the most incredible stock car audio system on the planet.     The one that came with the premium package in my Tesla Model 3.   This translates into the best stock car audio system I have heard  :).  By the way I purchased the mid range model 3 with 19" wheels upgrade.

Some things you can expect from me.  I won't sugar coat it.  I will tell you the truth and the results I can tell you right now will not always be what you expect or what the car audio industry is feeding you.  I will share with you the results of my hours of research.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  We will go under the hood of the car.  You will get to know details about your model 3 you did not know existed. 

So if you are ready to go on this journey with me lets gets go have some fun!

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